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As a pesticide handler. especially if you use and supervise the use of restricted-use pesticides. you must become aware of the potential for environmental contamination during every phase of your pesticide operation. Many pesticide usesare restricted becauseof environmental concerns. Whenever you releasea pesticide into the environment whether intentionally or accidentally - consider: n whether there are sensitive areas in the environment at the pesticide use site that might be harmed by contact with the pesticide, l whether there are sensitive offsite areasnear the use site that might harmed by contact with the pesticide, l whether there are conditions in the environment at the pesticide use site that might causethe pesticide to move offsite.

Drift also can kill beneficial parasitesand predators that are near the target site. and lakes. Aquatic life also can be harmed by carelesstank filling or draining and by rinsing or discarding used containers along or in waterways. Typical pesticide labeling statementsthat alert you to these concerns include: Phytotak. Do not spru~ on plmts. Do not apply this product or allon* it to drift to blooming crops or nveds if bees ure 1,isiting the treutment area. wemelJ toxic to aquatic organisms. Do not contaminate w,ater-by cleaning of equipment w disposal of n’astes.

What is a “sensitive area? Give four examples of sensitive areas that you must be especially careful to protect when you are handling pesticides. A. Sensitive areasare sites or living things in environments that are easily injured by a pesticide. Some examples of sensitive areas are: places where pesticides might get into ground water or surface water; homes, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, and other places where people are present: places where there are animals endangeredspecies, bees,other wildlife, livestock.

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