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By I. Klotz, R. Rosenberg

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A. Buchdahl, Am. J. , 17, 41 (1949); 17, 212 (1949). 2. R. C. Tolman, Phys. Rev. 9, 237 (1917). 3. P. J. Mohr and B. N. Taylor, Rev. Mod. gov/ constants. [R. C. Tolman, Phys. Rev. 9, 237 (1917), suggested that entropy replace temperature in the list of base units because S is an extensive quantity, and all the other base quantities are extensive. ] 28 MATHEMATICAL PREPARATION FOR THERMODYNAMICS 4. , 1997. pdf. 5. M. A. Paul, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Manual of Symbols and Terminology for Physicochemical Quantities and Units, Butterworth London, 1975.

The Gibbs function G is a thermodynamic property. 15. The Helmholtz function A is a thermodynamic property. 16. For a van der Waals gas dU m ¼ CVm dT þ a dV m Vm 2 in which a is independent of Vm. a. Can dUm be integrated to obtain an explicit function for Um? b. Derive an expression for (@CVm/@Vm)T, which assumes that dUm is exact. 17. Examine the following functions for homogeneity and degree of homogeneity: 2 2 a. u ¼ x y þ xy þ 3xyz b. u ¼ x3 þ x2 y þ y3 x2 þ xy þ y2 c. u ¼ (x þ y)1=2 d. ey=x e.

The use of operational definitions is particularly important in a phenomenological science such as thermodynamics. Before approaching these thermodynamic concepts, we need to agree on the meaning of certain more primitive terms that will occur often in our analyses. We shall assume without analysis that the term body as an identifiable, definite thing has an obvious meaning. When we carry out experiments on or make observations of a body in order to characterize it, we obtain information that we call the properties of the body.

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