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By Andre Norton, Sherwood Smith

ISBN-10: 0812552733

ISBN-13: 9780812552737

The recent novel within the well known "Solar Queen" sequence. Hesprid IV cannot be that undesirable. specially while it holds this sort of large deposit of profitable cielanite ore. Or so thinks Dane Thorson and the remainder of the workforce of the "Solar Queen", and its new sister send, the lately recovered derelict "North Star". The plan turns out simple--make landfall, mine ore, go away. Too undesirable issues are by no means as effortless as they seem.

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Dane turned his gaze back to the Traders. The Tath still stood quite close, shoulder to shoulder, and Dane felt a flash of irritation. Were they hoping to intimidate him into some kind of concession by crowding him like that? Clearly something else was needed. Dane thought rapidly, part of his brain distracted by the bone-chilling cold. If this was summer, how were they going to work successfully during winter nights? Suddenly Rip cleared his throat. Dane could feel Rip's impulse of compassion-or was that his own emotion?

How often do we ever go totally cold? " Tau sounded calm and matter-of-fact. "True," Stotz returned somewhat drily. " Rip realized the others were not so much reporting as reminding him of the many aspects of the situation that he might overlook, but no one wanted to come right out and say so. He felt a weird mixture of gratitude and irritation; the latter mostly at himself for not projecting the kind of competent front that was second nature to Jellico. He probably had his crew convinced he was in perfect control the very first time he took command", Rip thought.

It was all so swift, and so vivid, that Dane wondered if he'd imagined it. He certainly would have assumed so before Tau's memorable psi discussion, he realized. After all, he would expect them to be waiting for word, and even the emotional reactions were predictable. But he knew it had been real. He couldn't predict when he'd make those connections, and he certainly couldn't control them, but he knew they were real. As they climbed a steep trail, he glanced back at Rip. Shannon's pleasant, dark face wore a closed expression; he was either concentrating on thoughts of his own, or else on the difficulty of the trail.

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