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NOZICK] Decisions of Principle, Principles of Decision 149 Let me mention one other technique a person might use to carry herself over that tempting time interval B where the smaller reward looms so large. She might consider what action she would recommend to another person in that very situation, someone whose well-being she cares about -a child or a friend, for example -and then adopt that advice for herself. Distancing oneself from the situation, looking at the diagram impersonally instead of simply looking ahead from one time point, might be a way to defuse the allure of the otherwise nearer (but ultimately smaller) reward.

56 A being in whose power to correctly predict your choices you have great confidence is going to predict your choice in the following situation. There are two boxes, B l and B2 ; box B1 contains $1,000 and box B2 contains either $1,000,000 ($M) or nothing. You have a choice between two actions: (1) taking what is in both boxes; ( 2 ) taking only what is in the second box. ) that if the being predicts you will take what is in both boxes, he does not put the $M in the second box; if the being predicts you will take only what is in the second box he does put the $M in the second box.

And if we valued it highly, might we not value also whatever symbolized being an effective progenitor? ” (Notice, though, that evolution’s having instilled desires that serve to maximize inclusive fitness does not mean that it has instilled the desire to be maximally inclusively fit. ) But why is actually leading to something so much better than symbolizing it that symbolization shouldn’t count at all ? ” But why is this bottom line better than all other lines? In any case, if we are symbolic creatures -and anthropology attests to the universal nature of this trait -then presumably evolution made us so; therefore the attractive pleasures of symbolization, and symbolic satisfactions too, are as solidly based as the other innate reinforcers.

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