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By Aristotle

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De Generatione et Corruptione

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Again, if hard, they can also be soft; but a thing is called soft precisely because it is affected in some way, for it is that which tends to yield which is soft. Again, it would be absurd both if nothing belonged to them except shape and if something did, but only one, hardness here, heat there, for example; for there would not be some one nature which they had. But it would be equally impossible for them to have more than one quality apiece. For, since each one is indivisble, that in which it has these affections will be one and the same; so that if it is affected, where 1 Aristotle writes carelessly.

Nor, for that matter, is it possible to say that growth of diminution takes place despite in the same way as the change from water into air, the fact that there too the size becomes greater. For this will be, not growth, but generation of that which is the terminus of the change and corruption of its opposite. 5321a 15 which has perished) as, for example, body. The water has not grown, neither has the air: rather, the one has perished and the other come into existence: it is the body, if such there be, which has grown.

Neither is heat the same as wetness or as dryness, nor is wetness the same as heat or as cold, nor are cold and dryness subordinate either to one another or to heat and wetness. So of necessity there are these four. Chapter 3 30 Since the elements are four in number, and of the four the pairings are six, but it is not in the nature of contraries to be paired with one another (it is impossible for one and the same thing to be both hot and cold, or, again, wet and dry), obviously the pairings of the elements will be four in number: hot and dry, and wet and hot; and, again, 330b cold and dry, and cold and wet.

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