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By Jaco de Bakker, Erik de Vink

ISBN-10: 0262041545

ISBN-13: 9780262041546

Control move Semantics provides a unified, formal therapy of the semantics of a large spectrum of regulate stream notions as present in sequential, concurrent, good judgment, object-oriented, and sensible programming languages. while in additional conventional methods one makes a speciality of input/output habit, during this paintings equivalent recognition is dedicated to finite and endless computations, the latter inspired through the growing to be significance of reactive systems.

wisdom of the comparative semantics of regulate buildings is important for the designers of programming languages, and it really is tricky to select from brand new bewildering number of keep an eye on stream techniques (the ways that a software specifies the successive steps to be taken in the course of execution). Encyclopedic in scope, Control movement Semantics offers entire insurance of those ideas, constructing operational and denotational versions for keep an eye on movement in 27 languages. In all instances, detailed statements are given concerning those models.

A wealthy physique of semantic definitional innovations is gifted, together with (labeled) transition structures, higher-order definitions, resumptions and continuations, linear or sequence-based types, and versions laid out in area equations. furthermore, either symbol-based or schematic languages—prevalent within the research of concurrency—and state-based or interpreted languages are thought of. The ebook is based on a unifying mathematical foundation of metric constructions, permitting the entire modeling of countless habit, in addition to the exploitation of a few classical effects, corresponding to Banach's mounted aspect theorem. views on additional subject matters, akin to complete abstractness, noninterleaving semantics for parallelism, and second-order programming also are included.

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