Download e-book for iPad: Computing for Calculus by Mark J. Christensen (Auth.)

By Mark J. Christensen (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0123043654

ISBN-13: 9780123043658

Educational Press offers Mark J. Christensen's Computing for Calculus (in paperback), released in 1981

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Thus the IF statement can be used for judging user responses . 190 200 210 220 230 ... ="YES" THEN STOP ... At the end of this section we will briefly discuss multiple IF statements. The other statement to be discussed in this Section is the GOTO. does exactly what it says: It causes BASIC to jump from wherever the GOTO appears to somewhere else in the program. A simple use of the GOTO is to keep a program, such as our division program, running as long as we want. the program 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 The GOTO as follows.

One of them, the IF statement, will prove very useful whenever a program has to handle a problem with special cases. It is also useful in judging responses from the program operator and in general, in controlling programs. The other statement we will discuss here, the GOTO statement, is used to transfer control from one point in a program to another. We hope that we can convince you that the IF is a very useful statement and that, used intelligently, the GOTO is likewise useful. We do maintain, however, that the GOTO must be used with great care and only in those particular cases for which it is appropriate.

Of course, neither of these functions will give reasonable answers if the discriminant is zero. Using the IF statement such failures. 2 Write the following as BASIC functions: a) X sin X b) exp(2x-6) c) X Sin(3x + 4x - 1) d) (x^ - 3x + 2) —3 (χ-^ + 5x - 6) Write the function exp(-ax) in BASIC and, for each integer value of a from 0 to 5 print a table of values for this function for χ in the range [-5,5]. 12 THE IF AND GOTO STATEMENTS; DECISIONS, DECISIONS DECISIONS, DECISIONS. In this Section we will introduce two very important statements.

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