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Considered a subject. Cross-linguistically, applicatives are thought to license or create direct objects with accusative structural case (Marantz 1984, Baker 198t. and others), but Rackowski claims they have inherent oblique case. In many languages with applicative constructions, the applied obtect takes on the properties of direct object (Chichewa; Baker 1988:247-8). In (40[. the benefactive applied argument controls object agreement. In (40b) , this argument becomes the subject of a passive. 1� Phase theory and (40) .

But this does not mean that all the other words in (3) are necessarily derived from the root "xsb. They might as well be basic lexemes, separately listed in the Hebrew lexicon, which are not further decomposable into roots. While this is logically possible, I believe this would be missing the point. For the point is precisely the fact that words containing a certain phonological core-the consonants [x] [8] and [b]-also share some semantic core, related to mental activity or reasoning. It is not a coincidence that all the words made from this root are assigned a meaning related to mental activity, and not to directed motion, manner of speaking or change of state.

V The relation between the noun subject and the verb subject, the noun combine and the verb combine, or the noun exploit and the verb exploit, is quite free. By contrast, those verbs that share the nominal stress pattern, such as comment, herald or contact, are also tightly related to the meaning of the noun. This difference is explained if we assume that in (27) the verb and the noun in each pair are derived from a common root: (29) a. V �ect b. N � fect In this case, each element deri ved from the root is free to be assigned its own stress and its own interpretation.

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