New PDF release: Chemistry of Learning: Invertebrate Research

By Stanley C. Ratner (auth.), W. C. Corning, S. C. Ratner (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1489962611

ISBN-13: 9781489962614

ISBN-10: 1489965653

ISBN-13: 9781489965653

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I am going to try to show that something like the classical conditioning notion of an unconditioned response is present in all learning and that such response accounts for all learning, at least all infrahuman learning. When one speaks about learning at the human level, the data nicely fit the position but it is usually not necessary to invoke classical conditioning principles, as such. "2 A Learning Model 33 Before we get any deeper into the theory, I should like to talk about a definition of learning that most psychologists would probably accept; then I should like to elaborate on this in terms of the concepts of stimulus and response.

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Chemistry of Learning: Invertebrate Research by Stanley C. Ratner (auth.), W. C. Corning, S. C. Ratner (eds.)

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