Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Phenazines, Volume 11 by G.A. Swan and D.G.I. Felton PDF

By G.A. Swan and D.G.I. Felton

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Content material:
Chapter I basic equipment for the Synthesis of Phenazine, Its Homologs and Derivatives no longer Containing Condensed Nuclei (pages 1–13):
Chapter II Phenazine and Its Homologs (pages 14–27):
Chapter III Hydrogenated Derivatives of Phenazine (pages 28–66):
Chapter IV Substitution items of Phenazine (Excluding Hydroxy and Amino Compounds) (pages 67–79):
Chapter V Hydroxy and Keto Derivatives of Phenazine (pages 80–102):
Chapter VI Amino Derivatives of Phenazine (pages 103–117):
Chapter VII The Safranines (pages 118–148):
Chapter VIII The Indulines and Nigrosines (pages 149–164):
Chapter IX Aniline Black (pages 165–173):
Chapter X The Bacterial Pigments (pages 174–192):
Chapter XI The organic homes of Phenazine and Its Derivatives (pages 193–209):
Chapter XII Monobenzophenazines (pages 211–254):
Chapter XIII Hydroxy and Amino Derivatives of Benzo[a]Phenazines (pages 255–279):
Chapter XIV Hydroxy and Amino Derivatives of Benzo[a]Phenazinum Salts (pages 280–362):
Chapter XV Dibenzo? and Mononaphtho?Phenazines (pages 363–425):
Chapter XVI Polybenzophenazines (pages 426–463):
Chapter XVII Indanthrone and comparable Compounds (pages 464–506):
Chapter XVIII Phenazines Condensed with different Heterocyclic structures (pages 507–547):
Chapter XIX Phenazines Condensed with different Heterocyclic platforms (pages 548–615):

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Although many phenazine derivatives are of great commercial importance, the parent base appears to be of no value up to the present time. 23‘b)Phenazine acts as a sensitizer for film formers such as rubber hydrochlorides and nitrocelluloses, under the action of ultraviolet radiation; an unknown photooxide is thought to be C. Structure Phenazine is isomeric with benzo[c]cinnoline (I) and Claus gave consideration to both rival structures, in view of the formation from (1) calcium azobenzoate, although the above structure was very soon d e d Phenazines 16 out for phenazine.

Structure The phenazinium (formerly phenazonium) salts are quaternary compounds formed by the addition of a univalent hydrocarbon residue and a univalent acid residue to a nitrogen atom of phenazine or one of its derivatives, for example XVIII. "-46 20 Phenazines As in the case of phenazine itself, it has been disputed whether the phenazinium compounds should be given the "symmetrical" (XVII) or "unsymmetrical" (XVIII) formulation. However, the molecule is R X- (XVII) K x- (XVIII) R X- WX) best represented as a resonance hybrid, the principal structures involved being XVTII and XIX.

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Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Phenazines, Volume 11 by G.A. Swan and D.G.I. Felton

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