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Butadiene dissolved in acetonitrile leaves at the bottom. This stream is pumped to a 25-tray solvent recovery column T-2 which it enters on tray 20. Butadiene is recovered overhead as liquid and proceeds to the BDS reactor. Acetonitrile is the bottom product which is cooled to 100°F and returned to T-l. Both columns have the usual condensing and reboiling provisions. Butadiene from the recovery plant, liquid sulfur dioxide from storage, and a recycle stream (also liquified) are pumped through a preheater to a high temperature reactor R-l which is of shell-and-tube construction with cooling water on the shell side.

A good draftsman will arrange his flowsheet as artistically as possible, consistent with clarity, logic, and economy of space on the drawing. A fundamental rule is that there be no large gaps. Flow is predominantly from left to right. On a process flowsheet, distillation towers, furnaces, reactors, and large vertical vessels often are arranged at one level, condenser and accumulator drums on another level, reboilers on still another level, and pumps more or less on one level but sometimes near the equipment they serve in order to minimize excessive crossing of lines.

11. DESIGN BASIS Before a chemical process design can be properly embarked on, a certain body of information must be agreed upon by all concerned persons, in addition to the obvious what is to be made and what it is to be made from. Distinctions may be drawn between plant expansions and wholly independent ones, so-called grassroots types. The needed data can be classified into specific design data and basic design data, for which separate check lists will be described. Specific design data include: 1.

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