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By Katerina Ierodiakonou

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Byzantine philosophy is a virtually unexplored box. Being looked both as mere students or as basically non secular thinkers, Byzantine philosophers haven't been studied on their lonesome philosophical benefit. The 11 contributions during this quantity, which hide so much sessions of Byzantine tradition from the 4th to the fifteenth century, for the 1st time systematically examine the perspective the Byzantines took in the direction of the perspectives of old philosophers, to discover the designated personality of Byzantine concept.

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12. 33. 6-34. ) the following clarification is provided with regard to names: 'A proper (se. g. "Homer", "Socrates". g. '25 21 This conception may well derive from Plato's Theaetetus (157 B8-cI), where the perception of sense-objects is depicted as an 'aggregate' (IlOpoLGi=) ofpartial perceptual apprehensions. Cf. Albinus, Didask. 4. 156. 3-14 Whittaker, where the epistemological twist given to the theory does not, I believe, run counter to the intentions of the Theaetetus, pace Schrenk 1991: 498.

In my opinion, this distinction corresponds, roughly, to the one between denotation (understood as a semantic property of a term) and reference (understood as the function this term performs as a component of a sentence structure). Hence the element of anaphoricity which, as Brunschwig 1994: 51 notes, informs the semantic function of type (b) expressions, arises only within determinate contexts, while type (a) expressions possess semantic content ('meaning') in and of themselves, which corresponds to a definite peculiar quality.

E. M. Anscombe,29 whereby the only proper names recognized as 'genuine' are ones which refer to existent objects. Adopting such a view would involve making the grammatical status of a part of speech dependent on extra-linguistic or even metaphysical parameters, something which we know Dionysius tried by every means to avoid. 3o All these problems I have signalled make manifest that the issue of the semantics of proper names remained disputed during the Hellenistic period, without there having emerged any satisfactory or, at least, unanimous and consistent approach.

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