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By Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir Dimashqi, Dr. Abdul Ahad (Alig.)

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Like every little thing, the current universe also will come to an finish, and it's a a part of our religion to think within the final Day. The indicators of the Day of Judgment were foretold via our Prophet (S). Ibn Kathir has accrued all of the prophesies of the Prophet (S) in his ebook Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah. during this quantity, we've offered from them the indicators of the Hour and the occasions which are but to ensue, even though declaring only a few examples of these prophesies that experience already been learned.

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Then he raised his head, looked at me, and said, '0 my nation, six among you: the death of your Prophet k . It was as if he pulled out my heart from its place. He *, said, '(That is) one. Wealth will flow abundantly among you until a man is given 10000, but he still complains about it (being too little); that is the second. A trial will enter the house of every man from you, (and that is) three. Death like Qu'aas of sheep (a disease that kills livestock on a sudden), (and that is) four. A truce will take place between you and the children of the yellow (skinned people); they will gather for you for nine months, like the period of a woman's pregnancy.

And there will be in my nation 30 liars, each one of them claiming that he is a Prophet, but I am the seal of the Prophets; there is no Prophet after me. " (Ahmad) Through other chains, Muslim, Abu Daawood, Ibn Maajah, and At-Tirmidhee related it as well. " He* said, "It is the usurping of wealth and the fleeing. Then there is the trial of As-Saraa (much wealth and safety) — its Dakhal (cheating and corruption) or smoke. Underneath my feet is a man from the people of my household who claims that he is my son (or direct descendent) but he is not from me; indeed my Auoliyaa are only those who are the Muttaqoon (those who fear Allah).

If the sword is placed in my nation, it will not be raised from them until the Day of Resurrection. And the Hour will not arrive until tribes from my nation betake themselves to the Mushrikeen and until tribes from [1] Imam An-Nawawee said that this indicates how far the Muslim nation will rule from the East and West, which perhaps also indicates that its rule will not extend that much in the North and South. 12] Though some areas may be afflicted with a drought, the nation as a whole will not be afflicted with it.

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