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BOX OR VARIABLE CALLED 'A' The computer uses the keyword LET (key L) and the equals sign (=), which is shifted key L, to set up the variable. For example LET A = 15 21 22 Beginning BASIC with the ZX Spectrum The computer now knows that every time 'A' is used in the program it is really referring to the contents of the box. The next program illustrates this point. TYPE: RUN 10 LET A = 15 20PRINT A DO NOT REMOVE The program shows that in the PRINT statement in line 20 there are no quote marks because we are not asking the computer to print letter A but the contents of 'A' and therefore 15 appears on the screen.

8. The length of a rectangle is 35 centimetres and the breadth is 16 centimetres. Type in a program that uses variables for the length and breadth and then calculates: (a) the area of the rectangle (breadth * length) (b) the perimeter of the rectangle (the sum of all four sides). Like string variables, numeric variables can be combined with words. Semicolons are used to separate the words from the variables. TYPE: 10 20 30 40 LET c=lOO LET p=40 LET t=80 PRINT "My ZX Spectrum cost "iCi" pounds" 50 PRINT "The printer cost "iP i" pounds" i 60 PRINT " and the television cost "iti" pounds" 70 PRINT "The total cost of my equipment was "iC+P+ti" pounds" RUN the program and notice the results.

14. 15. 16. What mode is the computer in when a flashing K is on the screen? What mode is the computer in when the computer is first switched on? What is the flashing K called? In which mode does the computer have to be in before you can use a command such as PRINT? 00 commands appear on the screen as one word or do you type in each letter separately? On which letter key would you find PRINT? How do you remove or rub out a letter? What mode is the computer in when a flashing L is on the screen?

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