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February 1943. because the stability of the battle slowly shifts in Britain's favour, Lieutenant-Commander Steven Marshall brings his battle-scarred submarine into domestic port. Captain and group are exhausted after 14 months' non-stop provider, yet for many there could be no considered depart. If the enemy cave in in North Africa is to be exploited, each skilled guy should be wanted.

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C. Maxwell (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1966), pp. 374-91. 5. John Bush Jones, "Editing Victorian Playwrights: Some Problems, Priorities, and Principles," Theatre Survey, 17 (1975), pp. 106-123. 6. Fredson Bowers, "Practical Texts and Definitive Editions," Two Lectures on Editing: Shakespeare and Hawthorne, eds. Charlton Hinman and Fredson Bowers (Columbus: Ohio State University, 1969); rpt. in Essays in Bibliography, Text, and Editing, ed. Fredson Bowers (Charlottesville: University of Virginia, 19875).

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