Ahmad Riza Khan Barelwi: in the path of the prophet - download pdf or read online

By Usha Sanyal

ISBN-10: 1851683593

ISBN-13: 9781851683598

Introduces the mythical chief of the nice 20th-century Sunni circulation.

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Ghulam Ahmad was also a prolific writer of books and articles in Urdu,Arabic, and Persian, and in 1902 began an English monthly periodical, The Review of Religions, which has continued to be published ever since. The third significant thrust of the movement has been a missionary one, with emphasis particularly on growth in Britain. The disagreements between the Ahmadiyya and other Sunni Muslims in South Asia are mainly over Ghulam Ahmad’s claims to religious authority. He believed he was the “mujaddid, renewer (of religion) at the beginning of the fourteenth century of Islam; muhaddath, a person frequently spoken to by Allah or one of His angels; and mahdi,‘the rightly guided one, the messiah,’ expected by the Islamic tradition to appear at the end of days” (Friedmann, 1989: 49).

1840), who returned to Bengal in 1821 after living in the Hijaz in western Arabia for many years. 044 10/12/2004 5:11 PM Page 34 34 AHMAD RIZA KHAN BARELWI among Bengali weavers and peasants, he preached renewed commitment to the duties of Islam (daily prayer, the Ramadan fast, and the pilgrimage, among other things). Shari‘at Ullah also believed that sufism should be limited to the few, for its esoteric teachings were likely to be misunderstood by ordinary believers. His teachings have been compared to those of the Wahhabis, whose ideas were familiar to Shari‘at Ullah from his long stay in Arabia.

The Faraizi movement in Bengal falls in between the two, in that although the Faraizis did not declare a jihad against the British, they boycotted British-run institutions and refused to pay land taxes. Finally, the accommodationists (Sayyid Ahmad Khan) embraced British rule as a positive good from which Indian Muslims stood to benefit. Ahmad Riza belongs to the first group, though his story is not addressed until the following chapter. Shah ‘Abd ul-‘Aziz After Shah Wali Ullah’s death in 1762, his eldest son Shah ‘Abd ul-‘Aziz (d.

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