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By W G Frankenberg

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Chem. Solids 5 , 47 (1958). 35. Becker, J. , Becker, E. , and Brandes, R. , J. Appl. Phys. 32, 411 (1961). 36. Ehrlich, C . , in “Structure and Propertios of Thin Films” (C. A. Neugebauer, J. B. Newkirk, and D. A. ), p. 423. Wiley, New York, 1959). 37. Holland, B. , private communication, 1963. The Clean S i ngle-Crystal-Surface Approach t o Surface React ions H. E. FARNSWORTH Barus Physics Laboratory, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island I. Introduction ........................................................

6 kcal mole-’ [Eq. (31)]. This is in very good agreement with the result of Brennan and Fletcher (Table 11)and the theoretical expectation that the energy of activation E , should be &D(H,) eI, being less than the experimental uncertainty. + c. The pre-exponential factor for half-order kinetics. The use of Hickmott’s data to calculate the value of the pre-exponential factor in the region of half-order kinetics requires a knowledge of Si [Eq. (31)]. This may be obtained at the temperature of these reactions by measuring the rate of atomization under conditions for which Eq.

This includes epitaxy, adsorption, place exchange, oxidation, and catalysis. 1. 5 to 25 atomic layers (26). The copper formed at nucleation centers in the form of discrete oriented crystallites with a lattice spacing parallel to the substrate which was the same as that of the (111) plane in bulk copper, and with the (110) azimuth of copper parallel t o the (1 100) azimuth of the titanium crystal. No variation of lattice spacing with thickness was detected. Deposition of copper on a titanium surface, covered with a chemisorbed layer of oxygen, resulted in the formation of disoriented deposits of nucleation centers.

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