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The triblock copolymer of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) and poly(propyrene glycol) (PPG) (PEG–PPG–PEG, called Pluronic) is a typical example [5]. Although Pluronic is a polyether and not biodegradable, amphiphilic block copolymers of PEG and aliphatic polyesters or polypeptides are also known to exhibit temperature-responsive sol–gel transition [13]. They are composed of biodegradable aliphatic polyesters or polypeptides and relatively low-molecular-weight PEG. As the hydrophobic segments can be degraded in the body and the degradation products and low-molecular-weight PEG can be excreted from the body, they are suitable for biomedical use.

Each solution of l- or d-isomer of the triblock copolymer did not show such temperature-responsive sol–gel transition behavior. These results suggest that an increase in temperature triggered perturbation of the polymer micelle through dehydration of PEG, which formed the shell layer of the micelle, and led to intermicellar aggregation by SC formation of PLLA and PDLA segments. The SC copolymer gels exhibited higher mechanical strength (modulus = 900 Pa at 37°C, 10 wt%) compared with that of simple triblock systems of PEG and aliphatic polyesters.

It can be rationally done if we use a two-dimensional medium where in-plane directions possess macroscopically visible dimensions and their thicknesses are maintained in the nanometer region [22]. Manual control of molecular machines can be accomplished at dynamic two-dimensional media. 9) [23]. 9 Mechanical control of guest capture and release by molecular machine at interfacial medium. paracyclophane connected to four steroid (cholic acid) moieties via a flexible l-lysine spacer. Since the molecular plane of cholic acid has a hydrophilic face and a hydrophobic face, the steroid cyclophane machine adopts its open conformation at low pressures though favorably contacting its hydrophilic face to the water surface.

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